Translation of AutoCAD drawings by Translation companies

Yadav Abhishek, EzineArticles Basic Author

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Professional technical translators are required to convert 2D AutoCAD drawings or 3D AutoCAD drawings in order to make them accessible to clients in specific sectors which may include engineering, architecture, infrastructure, telecommunications and utilities. It is a complicated and technical job which requires professional expertise in AutoCAD drawings. However, there are technical translators who are equipped with up-to-date knowledge about the technical jargons, and therefore they can very easily edit, copy the text part of AutoCAD file.

There are two main types of AutoCAD translations:
• Translations of architectural drawings and construction layouts/plans
• AutoCAD translation for manufacturing and engineering drawings
AutoCAD conversions are executed with the help of AutoCAD software and some designed programs. Most of the time in AutoCAD translations is consumed in drawing rather than translating the text. It is due to this reason that most of the AutoCAD translation agencies require at least three to four days for translation.

How translation companies do AutoCAD translation?

If you want to translate CAD and other picture formats like jpg, png, gif, pdf, gmp etc, you can hire professional translators who hold expertise in technical drawings. They can effectively produce technical AutoCAD drawings/images and translate the texts into the languages you want. Translation companies employ qualified native translators who extract texts from the drawings and translate into other languages. This process is followed by editing the drawings in their original format. AutoCAD translation is a complex job which requires tremendous know-how of both the original and target language. It is a challenging task which demands overall understanding, proficiency and experience with CAD and picture editing software used by the translator.

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TridIndia is a Translation Agency which was established in 2002. We specialise in technical translation for sectors like oil and gas, IT, chemcial, medical etc.TridIndia provides language specialists who are equipped with cutting edge knowledge in translations related to training manuals, presentations, HR manuals, websites, press release articles and technical manuals. Team of engineers dedicated to translation and writing.

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