Indian ecommerce and the promising Middle East market

Yadav Abhishek, EzineArticles Basic Author

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Within the last couple of years, Indian e-commerce industry has shown a huge surge in its growth. Presently there are hundreds of such companies which are offering their products and services to the Indian consumer who is now adept with the internet knowledge and its usage. Recently the Middle East countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar have become the most sought after consumer base for Indian e-commerce start-ups. After selling their products and services for the Indian consumers, many of the companies are eager to penetrate other untapped markets in the overseas. They are venturing into the sectors like hospitality, medical, technological and customers are quickly grabbing their offers owing to their highly disposable incomes.

Middle East, with its 18 countries has the total population of about 422 million. This Arabic speaking population offers attractive market for the e-commerce ventures. It has been found that nearly half of the people below the age of 25 years have high incomes.


There are still many challenges in this regard. Companies which are trying to reach Middle East customers feel that this market is still not very open due to the cultural restrictions. However, governments are slowly taking initiatives to overcome these challenges. Translation companies have come up to provide solutions for linguistic and cultural challenges in these countries. They provide Arabic translation services and localization services for e-commerce start-ups to reach culturally protective Arabic speaking consumers.

After Europe and Africa, Middle East has evolved as one of the best strategically located market for investors and entrepreneurs because of the liberal investment policies and tax benefits. In a nutshell, it is a huge market with untapped resources for every sector.

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