Sharjah to focus on European tourists

Yadav Abhishek, EzineArticles Basic Author

Sharjah eyes tourism opportunities in European countries owing to its large overseas market. Europe is one of the largest sources of tourists in the entire emirate market. Sharjah received more than 250,000 guests from European countries from January to March witnessing 22% increase from the last year. About 71,000 tourists came from Asia. Government is focusing on building infrastructure to back its vision of enhancing tourism in Sharjah and there has been a surge in hotel construction and a heritage project in the center of Sharjah which will be completed by the year 2025.
Like every year, Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority plans to conduct a roadshow to Germany, Switzerland and Austria for five days this year. Earlier the roadshow was organized under the National Council for Tourism and Antiquities, Sharjah which covered Germany and Netherlands. However, this time the major focus will be on the Islamic culture and Arabic language. This is an intelligent move by Sharjah which faces challenges from its famous and flashy neighbors like Dubai.  It stands right next to one of the famous cities in the world, Dubai dripping with superlatives and with one of the world’s tallest structures and the list seems never-ending when we speak about Dubai’s attractions. Dubai demonstrated its marketing strategy by successfully bidding for World Expo 2020. On the other hand, Sharjah directed its focus to build its reputation as a center for Islamic culture. It also clearly demonstrates that Sharjah does not need that slice of tourism which Dubai and other flashy cities enjoy!


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