Language barrier cuts dialogue between Iraqi Arabs and Kurds

Yadav Abhishek, EzineArticles Basic Author

Interestingly not many Iraqi Kurds speak fluent Arabic and many of them are not familiar with this language at all. Most of the Iraqi Arabs do not even speak Kurdish which means there is no linguistic connection between the two largest groups of the country. Apart from the language barriers, there have been long-standing disputes between the country’s Kurdish region and government which has created tension and bitterness between the two sides of the country. Moreover the policy of ‘ Arabisation’ which forced Iraqi kurds from their homes and replaced by Arabs was again the trigger for creating bitterness among the two largest population of this country.

Older generation had considerable amount of pressure to learn Arabic which decreased over a period of time with the coming generation. The result is younger Kurdish people are more comfortable in learning English and now they prefer learning English as compared to Arabic language. The lack of Arabic language among young Kurdish people is thus a result of resentment among Kurds due to the ages of repression and isolation in their country.
When asked, most of the Kurdish people are of the opinion that they just don’t like Arabic owning to the fact that it is useful only in Middle East while English is the universally accepted language in the world.
Government is taking few steps to inculcate the knowledge of Arabic language in schools but there is still a long way to go. Most of the people don’t speak Arabic at all. Regional ministry of Kurdish region has introduced a new curriculum in Arabic language in order to promote Arabic language in the regions.

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One comment on “Language barrier cuts dialogue between Iraqi Arabs and Kurds
  1. Anamika says:

    It is strange that people are not aware of their native language. However, I think the government must take some more initiatives in this regard so that the natives are inclined in learning their native language.

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